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Application Form

1. This is an application form and does not guarantee enrolment to the centre.
2. For a learner to be eligible for admission to this centre they must comply with the admissions criteria.
3. Admission will not be finalised until all the relevant documentation has been received by the centre.
4. If any facts reflected in this application form prove to be incorrect, the centre reserves the right to reject the application, whether or not the application has been previously accepted. It is an offence to make a false statement about any item pertinent to this application, such as the age and identity of a child, place of residence, guardianship or previous academic achievement.
5. By making this application for admission to the centre, the learner and his or her parents or guardian accept that on such admission, the learner will be bound by the Code of Conduct and Regulations of the centre throughout the learner’s stay at the centre.
6. This form must be completed in full by the applicant’s parent/s or legal guardian.
7. Parent as defined in S.A. Schools Act, No84 of 1996 is –
a) The parent or guardian of a learner;
b) The person legally entitled to custody of a learner; or
c) The person who undertakes to fulfil the obligations of a person referred to in paragraph (a) and (b) towards the learner’s education at school.
8. This application will only be processed once the administration fee and all relevant documentation have been received.
9. Copy of the learner’s latest school report (where applicable) and other relevant professional reports must accompany this application
10. Copy of the learner’s Birth Certificate or Identity Document must accompany this application.
11. Copy of learner’s Residence Permit or Study Permit if a foreigner must accompany this application.

Terms and Conditions

Fees will be charged for 11 months of the year starting on 1st January. Fees must be paid monthly in advance.


Fees structure for 2018
Foundation Phase (Grade 1 – 3)


R3910.00 per month for 11 months


Intermediate & Senior Phase (Grade 4 – 7)


R4210.00 per month for 11 months


Discounts apply in the following cases:
5% Discount on tuition fee on second sibling.
5% Discount if annual fees are paid up front.


A non-refundable enrollment fee of R800.00 plus a R500 annual levy is to be paid on initial registration and acceptance of your child.  Thereafter, a non-refundable yearly levy of R500 is to be paid at the end of July 2017.

Fee includes Emotional Intelligence (EQ) as subject.  Children will be taught social skills, emotional awareness, independence, problem solving and positive thinking and optimism.

Workbooks (Textbooks) are supplied by Kingfisher Learning Centre. The workbook fee is to be paid no later than October 2017. Thereafter, book fees will be paid in advance for the new school year. Due to constant change in book prices, book fees will be specified on enrolment.

Accounts to be settled strictly by the 4th of each month your child will be suspended should your fees not be paid.

Should a learner enter the School during the course of the term, fees will be charged on a pro-rata basis.

A discount of 5% on the second sibling applies if two or more siblings are enrolled at the School.

Extra scholastic support after hours or otherwise will be at the parent’s expense.

All fees are reviewed annually.

No refunds will be given for lessons missed due to holidays, tours, illness or vacation breaks.


In general the educator requires a full terms notice of termination which must be received no later than the day prior to the commencement of that particular term.

Notice must be given in writing. The parent shall remain liable for all fees and other charges which may become due and payable during the notice period.

Notice not given, a full term’s fees shall be paid in lieu of notice.

Please ensure that your child arrives on time and is collected promptly unless otherwise arranged.

While the educator will take appropriate care of the child while the child is on the property, the educator cannot be held responsible for any injury to the child, which might occur on the property due to:

  1. a) A medical condition (e.g.: epilepsy), whether previously disclosed to the educator or not.
  2. b) Spontaneous outdoor play activities before or after a lesson.
  3. c) Any unusual circumstances such as fire or earthquakes.
  4. d) Any other condition which might be regarded as a normal family household situation.

The educator cannot release the student to any unknown person. To avoid embarrassment, please ensure that the educator knows who is allowed to fetch your child.

Parents retain full responsibility for their child’s education.

Fees are to be paid into the following account:

                  Account Name: Kingfisher Learning Centre

Bank:  FNB

Branch: Village @ Horison

Branch Code:  250655

Acc Number:  62611722621

Account Type:  Current


Should payments and/or Terms & Conditions not be upheld by parents/guardians and/or person/s responsible for payment, Kingfisher Learning Centre reserves the right to terminate the signed contract/registration without notice and request that placement for the child be found at another school. Confirmation of agreement with the terms and conditions is to be returned to Kingfisher Learning Centre’s administrator.

Learner's Info


Learner's information


Names of Siblings and schools where applicable:




Medical Details

  • Special Medical conditions( if yes, give details)


1st Parent/ Guardian Information


2nd Parent/ Guardian Information

  • Submitting below confirms that you are in agreement and accept the terms and conditions of Kingfisher Aftercare Centre.